pongopanna auction

at pongopanna, we hope that you'll keep your bag for life and share it with the next generation. we also know that a new style can sometimes be just the pick-me-up or fresh start that you're looking for.

that's why we've created the pongopanna auction to pair beautifully restored and authenticated styles with a new, loving owner. send your beloved pongopanna bag to us for a 20% credit toward a new pongopanna style. we will restore the bag, when possible, and place the bag in an annual auction every november. proceeds from the auction will benefit non-profit organizations that are selected by pongopanna for the year. the pongopanna auction extends the life of every bag, while also providing the opportunity to impact the lives of others. 

contact us to submit your bag or if you are a non-profit organization that is interested in partnering with pongopanna for the auction. 


 *please note that credits and the auction are offered while the program exists at pongopanna.