- welcome to pongopanna -
our philosophy

at pongopanna, we're about living every moment as one big, spectacular celebration.

we're filled with gratitude for the smallest things. we're taking in the beauty in the world around us, appreciating every minute and laughing every day. we're focusing on those things that make us happy. and we're turning lemons into lemonade.

every pongopanna design is created with this philosophy in mind. the vibrant colors and textures woven throughout our work are designed to be a visual reminder to stop and celebrate the moment you're living in.

our signature style

pongopanna pairs classic styles with vibrant colors, striking patterns and rich textures for a signature look that celebrates boldness and authenticity.

our designs are influenced by the style of our founder and chief creative officer, hilary delbridge cunningham, who grew up in henderson, a small town in the piedmont of north carolina, that was shaped by the textile manufacturing industry. hilary's career took her to metro areas along the east coast. while working in the high stakes world of crisis management in new york city, hilary added bold statement pieces to her wardrobe to enliven her classic style. after battling health issues, hilary stepped away from her career and turned to her love of fashion to help her power through. she thought about the simple, but impactful way that statement pieces elevated her otherwise stressful days and wanted to share that idea with others. the pieces add bold sparks of celebration into everyday life - a concept she is now bringing to others through pongopanna accessories.

her collections share that same sense of color, movement and celebration through sleek pieces that are anything but ordinary. the designs, which often incorporate textiles, pay homage to the brand's heritage in a state with a rich textile history.

our name

[pon - goh - pah -nah]

we at pongopanna believe that good, bold design cuts through the routines of everyday life. our name captures the idea of boldly breaking through the day-to-day by taking a piece of a celebration with you everywhere you go.

give it a try. pongopanna. our name tickles the tongue like the first sip of a glass of good bubbly. just saying the word will make your day a smidge happier.