- welcome to pongopanna -
our philosophy

we live by the philosophy that bolder is better. every pongopanna piece is created with this philosophy in mind. our maximalist designs are the life of the party.

our signature style

inspired by the bright personalities and bold flavors of the southeast, every pongopanna design pairs vibrant hues, striking patterns and rich textures for a signature look that celebrates bold authenticity. 

the textiles that are woven throughout pongopanna's designs are a nod to the brand's heritage in north carolina, a state with a rich textile history. 

our name

[pon - goh - pan -nah]

much like our maximalist style, our name is a mash up of things we love. we're dog obsessed (pongo), love a good party (opa!) and live for carbs (pan + panna).

our founder

- meet hilary -

denim devotee + kicks & cowboy boots connoisseur + statement accessories collector + lover of all things maximalist in style + dessert fanatic + part small town & part big city + communicator at heart